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Tea 101

Posted by on January 24, 2014
Tea 101

Me with Tea

I decided to sign up for a class on tea at our local college here in Hamilton. It is offered in cooperation with the Tea Association of Canada, who also provide online courses for those who aren’t lucky enough to have a college in their area offer the program. The courses go from Tea 101 to Tea 108, and when you’ve completed the program you have the opportunity to write the Tea Sommelier Certification Exam and become a Tea Sommelier! I’ve just come home from the second class (there are four classes in Tea 101), and I have to say I am enjoying myself immensely so far. I hope I am able to continue taking the further classes, but may have to put it on pause for a bit to figure out a schedule when I go back to work from my parental leave, which finishes at the end of March.

It really makes me happy to be surrounded by people who are as (or even more so!) enthusiastic about tea as I am. I’m hoping to refine my palate and be able to better describe what it is I’m tasting, which is why I’m looking forward to T103 – Tea Sensory Development. This course is, for me, as the instructor put it when she described about when she initially took the course, “An expensive hobby.” But who knows? It may lead to something in the tea industry for me in the future! :)



Tea Association of Canada


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