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Kabuse Houjicha Review – The Tea Haus

1 tsp per cup, steep 60 sec for 1st infusion, 15 sec for 2nd, and 30 sec for 3rd, at 75-80 degrees Company Product Description: Kabuse Houjicha is a roasted Kabuse-cha from the first harvest. This tea’s strong toasted flavor reminds one of the good smell of toast. Perfect to be served with a salty … Continue reading »

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Matcha Green Tea Latte Review – Second Cup

Product Description: Smooth and sweet with high herbal and fresh green aromatics. Combining japanese-style matcha green tea and steamed Chinese sencha green tea with honey. Invigorating and revitalizing.   I got this on a whim today, as I’ve developed a new found love of matcha, and I’m excited to try anything with matcha in it. … Continue reading »

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Matcha Matsu Review – David’s Tea

½ tsp per cup, whisk at 72 degrees This is my first time trying matcha, and I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve heard such good things. Matcha is where they take green tea leaves that have been shaded during the later stages of their growth (resulting in a higher chlorophyl and nutritional content, and stronger … Continue reading »

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Organic Kyoto Cherry Green Tea Review – The Metropolitan Tea Company

1 tsp per cup, steep 5 minutes at 90 degrees  Brewed as per instructions. The flowery smell is really overpowering. It’s making me nervous about tasting this. Alrighty, here we go…okay, not as bad as I thought. The initial taste is actually much more subtle than I was expecting. Leaves a distinct aftertaste of flowers, … Continue reading »

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Japanese Sencha (organic) Review – David’s Tea

1 tsp per cup, steep 2-3 min at 74 degrees Brewed as per instructions, steeping for 3 minutes. Tasted like I brewed a cup of grass clippings. Added 1 tsp of agave, which turned out to be no help at all. I had to throw it away. Infused again from same group, same temperature, but … Continue reading »

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