Da Yu Ling Oolong Tea Review – Teavivre

Da Yu Ling Oolong Tea Review

Da Yu Ling Oolong Tea

Recommend Brewing Guide:

Western Method Chinese Gongfu Way
Water : 17oz / 500ml 212℉ / 100℃ Water : 3oz / 85ml 194℉ / 90℃
Use 1 Tablespoon / 8 Grams Tea Use 7 Grams Tea
2-4 steeps : 1 – 5 mins 8 steeps : rinse,30s,50s,70s,90s,120s
Teapot may be your choice Gaiwan or yixing teapot may be your choice
Rinsing time is around 5 seconds


Nap time for the baby, which means tea time for the mommy! I’ve been saving this one for when I have the proper time to enjoy it. It’s not every day you get to have the highest of the Taiwanese High Mountain Oolongs! This dark green tea smells vegetal, a bit grassy, with a hint of sweetness. I brewed it for 2 minutes in my David’s Tea glass Perfect Mug at 90 degrees after rinsing for 5 seconds. A stronger grassy smell comes out now that it’s steeped. At first sip, it tastes more like a green tea than an oolong to me. The vegetal taste is not as strong as I expected, and it has a buttery smoothness to it. It’s very full bodied for this type of tea, there’s definitely a lot to it. A complex tea, to be sure. Further steeps bring out a more floral bouquet and a bright flavour. You can tell this is an extremely high quality tea.


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Li Shan Oolong Tea Review – Teavivre

Li Shan oolong tea review

Nonpareil Taiwan Li Shan Oolong Tea

Western Steeping Method Chinese Gongfu Way
Water : 17oz / 500ml 212℉ / 100℃ Water : 3oz / 85ml 194℉ / 90℃
Use 1 Tablespoon / 8 Grams Tea Use 7 Grams Tea
2-4 steeps : 1 – 5 mins 8 steeps : rinse,25s,25s,30s,40s,60s,90s,
Teapot may be your choice Gaiwan or yixing teapot may be your choice
Rinsing time is around 5 seconds


I’m really loving oolong teas right now. The variance you get with them is just amazing! For those who don’t know, an oolong tea is between a fresh green tea and a fully oxidized black tea. It can be anywhere from 8% to 80% oxidized, so you end up with quite the variety to choose from! From what I can deduce from it’s colour and resulting brew, this particular one is closer to the green tea end of the spectrum. When I opened up the package I could smell fresh peachy notes, which I always enjoy. I used a bit of a hybrid in the suggested brewing techniques for this one – my glass perfect mug from David’s Tea, 7 grams of tea (which is how much comes in the sample package I had), rinsed for 5 seconds, and steeped for 2 minutes. When steeping, more of a vegetal smell comes out. It has a bright, vibrant flavour. Further steepings brought out a smooth, balanced taste while still maintaining it’s original fruity aroma. It’s a bit on the thin side for me, as I prefer a more robust oolong, but I could see this being a great drink for someone who prefers green tea. But still, it’s a great tea for this rainy afternoon.

Also, I would encourage you to click on the picture below to go to the company website page for this tea. If you scroll down to the summary and click the “More Info” tab, there’s a wonderfully informative article on Taiwanese oolongs. There’s still so much more I have to learn about tea!


Li Shan oolong tea review

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Guayusa Review – David’s Tea


Guayusa Review

Guayusa from David’s Tea

1 ½ tsp per cup, steep 4-7 min at 98 degrees

Company Product Description: We are seriously passionate about guayusa around here, and we couldn’t be more excited to spread the word. Not only does it pack an incredible burst of energy, it’s also deliciously smooth, never bitter and lightly sweet. Plus it’s steeped in over 2000 years of Amazonian tradition and legend. To learn more about this wonder-herb, a bunch of the DAVIDsTEA staff went down to Ecuador to check out the guayusa farms, meet the workers and even harvest leaves for tea. Who knows – one of us might have even plucked this very batch. Ingredients : Organic Guayusa from Ecuador

I am really looking forward to trying this Guayusa. I’ve never had this traditional tea from Ecuador. Actually, I’d never even heard of it before I decided to go on this journey of tea discovery! This tea has a great smell to it. It reminds me of matcha, kind of sweet. And when it’s brewed it does not disappoint. It has a natural sweetness to it, there’s no need to add any sweetener. Although, I’d love to try this iced with some flavoured agave or honey. It would really take advantage of the pre-existing yummyness that this tea has. I wonder if it affects this tea a lot to have it from a glass mug as opposed to the traditional gourd this tea is usually drank from in South America. It would be an interesting experiment I’d like to try!

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Kabuse Houjicha Review – The Tea Haus

Kabuse Houjicha

Kabuse Houjicha

1 tsp per cup, steep 60 sec for 1st infusion, 15 sec for 2nd, and 30 sec for 3rd, at 75-80 degrees

Company Product Description: Kabuse Houjicha is a roasted Kabuse-cha from the first harvest. This tea’s strong toasted flavor reminds one of the good smell of toast. Perfect to be served with a salty meal, you can also enjoy it warm or cold, and because of its reduced caffeine content, it is suitable for drinking in the early evening. Ingredients: Japanese green tea, toasted, certified organic

On a recent trip down to London to visit my sister, I knew I had to hit up The Tea Haus. I had looked them up before going down there, and I really appreciate that on their website they give you the option to buy their tea in 25g portions. A great size to try something out, as I find that the more common 50g minimum just too much to commit to, especially if you end up not liking it. I was on a mission in the store, and ended up with quite a few teas, this one being the one I am looking forward to the most. It has the most interesting smell, not only the toasty smell, but something fruity and sweet to it as well. It is a green tea that has been  roasted, so it’s not your typical green tea, which I like.

Brewed as per instructions, steeping for 60 seconds at 78 degrees. When steeped, the leaves have a completely different smell. They smell burnt, and not very appetizing at all. But this has no bearing on the taste of the tea itself, which smells a bit smoky. It has the astringency of a mild black tea, along with a very slight sweetness on the back end. There is a lot going on in this tea, and I’m enjoying it immensely.

Second steep:  I gotta admit, I was skeptical about steeping for only 15 seconds. The only time I’ve ever steeped for that little amount of time was with Tetley Bold. But this infusion turned out stronger than the first! Less astringent, with more of a woody taste coming out.

Third steep: The leaves smell more like a black tea now. The tea tastes a bit more mellow, but there is still a lot to it. It’s been 5 hours since the first steep and I’m still loving this tea!

I’ve now spent the entire day enjoying this tea, which is absolutely amazing! I would definitely get this again, and recommend it to anyone.

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Star Trek Tea – Earl Grey – Cupper’s Coffee and Tea

Star Trek Earl Grey

Star Trek Earl Grey Tea


Company Product Description – This award winning Black Tea is hand harvested, shade grown and certified organic. It is smooth and full flavoured, complete with the beautiful aroma and flavour of Natural Bergamot. Tea fit for a Captain of the Starship Enterprise.

My mother went on a trip out west to Lethbridge, Alberta, to visit a close friend of hers. While out there, they visited this great little town named Vulcan. As you can imagine, it is quite the hub of Trek activity. It is the Official Star Trek Capital of Canada, and contains the Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station. The centre is home to a collection of Star Trek memorabilia, a replica bridge, props and costumes from the various show incarnations, and a gift-shop. The latter is where this tea comes from. I laughed so hard when my mom pulled this out of her luggage for me. Tea + Trek = Perfect for me! I wish I had a picture of myself in my Halloween costume from 6th grade. Lieutenant Commander Erin, from Bajor, along with my brother, Captain Stephen, and my unfortunate red-shirt sister, Ensign Laura. Best Halloween ever!

 Now, on to the tea! It smells extremely strong of bergamot to me, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve had loose leaf Earl Grey, so that could just be me. This tea did not come with any brewing instructions, so I did the standard for black tea – 1 tsp for 3 minutes with 98 degree water. The tea tastes slightly bitter, leaving a dry aftertaste. I added some milk to it, and it helped to mellow it out some, but I’m still getting a bit of a harsh finish on it. Perhaps I’ll come at it again someday, only brewing it for 2 minutes to see if it cuts down on the astringency, but right now I will not ENGAGE this tea.

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