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Long Time, No Post

Posted by on April 12, 2016

Wow. When life gets in the way and things go on the back burner, they really stay there a long time, don’t they? The last time I posted, I had one son. Now I have two! I’m currently writing this with my three month old having a nap, and my three year old hanging off of my arm. He’s become a bit clingy since his baby bro came along, but I’m hoping that will wear off soon.


Me and my boys


I’m lucky enough right now that I can continue with my tea education, taking classes at Mohawk College for the TAC Tea Sommelier program. I had taken Tea 101 a couple of years ago, and started back up with the classes last spring. I took some time off from them to have my Boxing Day baby, and now I’m taking Tea 105 next week! Trying to find time during the day to sit and have a proper tea session is still a challenge, so having these classes help to set aside some “me time” to recharge, and I also love being in an environment with like minded people who are just as (if not more) passionate about tea as I am.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to be able to get back to more tea enjoyment. I’ve ordered some new teaware for myself that has to be broken in, and a Yixing teapot that needs some attention!

Yixing tea pot

Ali Shan Oolong in my new Yixing teapot

One Response to Long Time, No Post

  1. Jean |

    Children DO have a way of sending life all topsy-turvy!

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