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About Me

Me with Tea


My name is Erin, and I’ve been drinking tea as long as I can remember. I have recently acquired a taste for proper loose leaf tea, but still enjoy bagged tea from time to time. I will be keeping a journal of discovery here, and hopefully get some suggestions of good teas to try. I am a beginner in the world of loose leaf tea, and learning something new every day that I hope to share with you. As someone who has spent more than half my life drinking Tetley tea with milk, I never knew of the variety of tea available out there. It’s a whole new world for me! Everywhere I turn, it seems that there is a new variation to try. The potential is astounding. I hope you enjoy my tea blog!





My tea collection. It outgrew the cupboard and we had to build a shelf to contain the overflow. Now we have to put up another shelf!

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Chris

    I like your genuine interest in tea and would love to mail you some free samples. Our teas are 100% pure Ceylon. You may check our website

  2. Lesley

    Hi Erin, Love that you are bringing your tea enthusiasm to Hamilton and beyond! 3 Teas is a local Burlington business that would love to have you review some of our tea. Our website is

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